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TRUEfit Strength & Conditioning Training

TRUEfit Strength and Conditioning Program!

True Lacrosse is proud to announce our first strength and conditioning program! TRUEfit will focus on athletic development, while also focusing on proper form and fundamentals. This program is designed to help build overall athleticism for all of our athletes. With the multiple training program options we offer, there is something that will fit your needs! 

Each player will receive a monthly workout program that will detail exactly which exercises to perform, how many repetitions and sets to perform, as well as the amount of weight to perform based on their individual abilities. Having a specific workout to perform each and every time you go into the gym ensures maximum results! Each player will also receive a membership for our new True Lacrosse Gym at the True Headquarters! This gives each athlete the option to perform their own individualized workout on their own at any gym of their choosing, or also be able to come into our gym at the facility and train! 

If you are looking to play college lacrosse or be the best athlete you can be, then you must begin to focus on strength training! Coaches are looking for high level athletes now more than ever! Begin your athletic training right away!

Each exercise will either be described in detail and/or will have a video demonstration to ensure proper mechanics and safety precautions! Each athlete will be able to see exactly how to perform the movement and will have coaching points as they learn how to properly perform these exercises. 




Summer Training

Summer Class Schedule

Our summer TrueFit schedule will run Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Tuesday, June 6th and running until Thursday, August 31st. 

Class times (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

10:30 - 12:00

12:00 - 1:30

Program Cost:


Total training hours offered = 39




Workout Example

- Each day will begin with a dynamic warm up to get the blood flowing, muscles loose and participants out of breath. 

- Following the warm up, we will move into our first strength lift of the day. The strength lifts will be mainly focused on lower body, explosive strength. We will focus on the proper mechanics of the squat and dead lift to really build each athlete from the ground up. 

- The second strength lift of the day will be split between a full body explosive lift or an upper body lift. We will teach each athlete the proper mechanics of basic Olympic Lifting to really develop overall athleticism and speed in a compound movement, as well as put some emphasis on the upper body power lifts. 

- We will then move into a metabolic conditioning form of workout. These workouts are focused on adding multiple movements together at a high intensity to build overall athletic conditioning and power. Anything from speed and agility training, plyo training and high intensity lifting will be put together to really push each athlete. 

- The final portion of each workout will end with a cool down stretch to help aid the recovery after the intense and high paced workout each athlete just went through. 

Workout Time = 90 minutes

Max Murphy

Program Director

Phone: 763-913-5958

LC Moerschel

Program Director

Phone: 410-279-7037

David Corazalla

Assistant Program Director

TRUEfit will be using top of the line equipment from Rogue Fitness!

TRUEfit Benefits

Training with a group helps motivate each athlete, breeds competition, and builds team camaraderie! You will achieve higher results training with a group, than you will on your own. Plain and simple. 

  • Consistent lacrosse and athlete specific training
    • no more guessing what to do at the gym
  • Access to state of the art Rogue Fitness equipment
  • Consistent coaching from NASM certified trainers
  • Team bonding and growth
    • no better way to become a team than to struggle through hard workouts together
  • Less expensive than gym memberships 
    • Gym memberships can run anywhere from $30 - $95 per month
    • Average yearly cost = about $750
  • Less expensive than working with a personal trainer
    • Performance training classes can cost up to $55/hr