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True Minnesota Girls

TRUE girls play lax...

Congrats to our teams returning from the Myrtle Beach Claxic! U16 Champs, and U17 runner-up!


We are taking a new approach to the ‘club level’ in Minnesota for girls lacrosse, and we believe that the True program provides athletes with a unique opportunity to improve their individual lacrosse skills as well become part of much bigger lacrosse family. This is not about highlighting only the best players - this is about bringing up the level of each girl. Seeing them be successful in their school teams and their lives is what drives us, not just college recruitment. Our approach is that by pushing each other to become better each day, every athlete will reach their “true” potential.


We are a roster-based team.

Unlike other club programs, if you tryout and are selected to a team, you are rostered for every practice, and every tournament that your team is attending.

Travel with our team is family-oriented. 

Some club programs charge a fee for the athlete to travel with the team, and any family members that want to attend pay their own way. The cost for families, in that case, doubles. At True families travel however they wish and cut the cost in half. We have team dinners or movies on trips, and there's still plenty of time to bond.

Missed Tryouts? Contact us to learn more.

Krista Crandall

Minnesota Girls S Director

Phone: 9528075181

Patrick Crandall

Minnesota Girls W Director

Phone: 6513244967

LC Moerschel

Minnesota Director

Phone: 4102797037