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True Lacrosse, a National premier club lacrosse program, offers its members the opportunity to work with experienced, professional coaches, attend the most competitive camps and tournaments, and develop into skilled players with a greater understanding of the game and a better sense of how to perform as an individual and work with a team. We recognize the ability of lacrosse to help players grow into confident, contributing members of the game and their communities; therefore, we are intent upon working with young people to improve their skills, promote sportsmanship, and instill a sense of respect for the game and its participants.

Join the #1 lacrosse organization in Minnesota!
With the programs offered at True MN, players now have an opportunity to learn lacrosse skills taught in the East Coast hotbeds and used in NCAA-level competition. Teaching East Coast skills and incorporating Minnesota values, gives True MN an unmatched top-quality program for the all-around development of the Minnesota lacrosse player.

Lacrosse participation in Minnesota has grown significantly in recent years and the quality of instruction is continuing to improve. With the programs offered at True-MN, players now have an opportunity to learn lacrosse skills taught in the East Coast lacrosse hotbeds and used in NCAA-level competition. Teaching East Coast skills and incorporating Minnesota values, gives True-MN an unmatched top-quality program for the all-around development of the Minnesota lacrosse player. True-MN is committed and passionate about growing the talent level of Minnesota players, with a goal for this state to become another lacrosse hotbed, on par with the ones out east.

The True Lacrosse Difference
  • 11 Full-Time Staff Members: Playing/Coaching experience at the highest levels (DI, DII, DIII, Professional)
  • The Largest Indoor Lacrosse Training Facility in Minnesota
  • Exclusive Sponsorship with Warrior & New Balance
  • Access to the True Lacrosse Pro: Ryan McNamara
  • Year-Round Training Opportunities
  • Guaranteed Player Improvement: Major Focus on Individual Player Development
  • Support from The True Lacrosse National Network: Over 7,000 players in 18 States
  • Recruiting Support: The True Lacrosse Network has produced more NCAA DI, DII, DIII, student/athletes than any other travel program in the midwest

Girls' Lacrosse

We are a 2-in-1 program for lacrosse athletes - TRAINING and TRAVEL in one. We don't charge extra for practice, and we don't charge extra for fall/winter. This is not about highlighting only the best players - this is about bringing up the level of each girl. Seeing them be successful in their school teams and their lives is what drives us, not just college recruitment. Our approach is that by pushing each other to become better each day, every athlete will reach their “true” potential.

College Recruitment
The best part about being a True athlete and looking for college recruitment is the network we have across the United States. Join our 'True Recruits' program - we have people advocating for kids across the country. We will help you get to where you belong, be it DI, DII, DIII, or NAIA. We're all about finding the right fit - ACADEMICS FIRST - in a place you love and are excited to call home for at least a few years.

When you make a commitment to your True team, we expect to see you at practice. HOWEVER, we understand that girls play other sports, in fact, we love multi-sport athletes. IF getting to practice ever becomes an issue for you, please let us know, as we will do whatever we can to make it work. We pride ourselves on being family-friendly, and have often added skills sessions or clinics at the request of girls. Our athletes are the most important piece to us - we want to make sure your True experience is the best it can be.


In 2008, Jake Deane and Mike Gabel, both accomplished college and professional lacrosse players, founded True Lacrosse with a simple goal in mind: to share their knowledge and love of the game with young players to help them understand and play the game at the highest level possible. Since that time, Jake, Mike and their team of experienced coaches and directors have done just that. In addition to their responsibilities at the True Lacrosse offices, both owners are on the fields with their players for every practice, crossing the country with the travel teams to attend the best tournaments, and continuing to fulfill the mission they envisioned years ago. After its establishment and overwhelming success in Illinois, True Lacrosse went on to found markets across the United States and Canada, making it one of the largest and most successful club lacrosse programs in the nation.

Our Mission

True Lacrosse is committed to the education and development of young men and women in the sport of lacrosse. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive training and experience to create exceptional athletes, while instilling confidence, integrity, and leadership skills they can employ both on and off the field. Driven by our four pillars - Passion, Energy, Expertise, and Reps - our staff combine knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm, allowing us to offer the best service, products, and guidance necessary to further develop the fastest game on two feet.

Coaches / Staff

Directors & Coaching Staff


Aime Caines

Boys Program Director (Box Lacrosse)
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Krista Crandall

Senior Director - Girls Program
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Dan Forsyth

Executive, Director of True Lacrosse Minnesota
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Luke Johnson

Boys Program Director (Regional)
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Jared Knowlton

Boys Program Director (AA STATE)
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Madii Maas

Girls Program Director
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Ryan McNamara

Director of Player Development
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Giuseppe Palermo

Senior Director
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Heather Pierson

Girls Program Director
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Mike Russo

Boys Program Director (AAA STATE)
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True Lacrosse headquarters is based in Edina, MN

True Lacrosse

6417 Cecilia Circle
Edina, MN 55439

Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: (630) 519-4680
Fax: (630) 359-3862
Office Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (M-F)


In order to spread the sport we believe that everyone should be a member of US LACROSSE.

US LACROSSE will cover all insurance needs for your player and, additionally, you will receive a free monthly Magazine. A one-year membership and coverage is only $30.00 for Youth players / $35.00 for High School players.

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