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2020/2021 Girls Travel Team Tryouts

Tryouts $30 - Includes Practice Pinnie

Benilde St. Margaret's 2501 MN Hwy 100 St. Louis Park MN 55416


3:30-5p: HS (2030-2022)

Grad year 2021 - Reach out for an evaluation - we do have training/travel opportunities for you.

What do we evaluate you on - on and off the field?

  • Attitude and work ethic: How hard do you work for your team and are you coachable? Is your on-field effort supported by your off-field actions? Can you add to the culture of a team, or do you detract? Do you believe in yourself and your teammates, or do you doubt yourself, and in-turn, hold back? (If you feel this is a problem for you specifically, I'd love to speak with you about it.)
  • Skill: We will be watching your ability to use BOTH HANDS, your ability to catch/throw on the move, your shot or 1v1 defense, etc.
  • IQ: Do you anticipate the play/get into position early? Do you see the options to move the ball and can you make decisions quickly? Do you really see your opponent, or are you playing your own game?
  • Athleticism: How well do you move? Do you get tangled up in your own feet, or can your act/react quickly and smoothly? How dynamic are you, how fast are you, how much endurance do you have?
  • Leadership: Are you the negative teammate or the one that everyone looks up to - do you complain, or do you engage your teammates? Are you helping clean up balls or are you the first one off the field? Are you cheering for your teammates, or do you complain because you haven't scored enough goals? Do you include everyone, or do you talk about people behind their backs? (This has no place on a team or in this program. If you're so inclined to talk about others, please find another program to do it in. Goes for parents too! Support these kids as if they were your own - I consider this your program too, so let's work together to make it the healthiest place for our girls)

Parents, we are preparing these girls to play at the highest level they want to, whether that is HS Varsity, or someday at college - our goal is to help them reach theirs. We will be supplying girls with notes in each category after evaluations, in hopes that it helps provide clarity in the decision-making process, and a more targeted improvement plan for each player.

We hope to always provide an opportunity and a place for your girls to learn, grow, make mistakes, be imperfect, be wonderful to each other, and be TRUE to themselves.

Krista Crandall

Krista Crandall

Senior Director - MN Girls

Phone: (952) 807-5181

Madii Maas

Madii Maas

Program Director

Phone: (612) 961-1024

Heather Pierson

Heather Pierson

Program Director

Phone: (952) 270-5711


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Why Tryout for True Lacrosse Minnesota Girls?

True’s multifaceted approach to training lacrosse players has garnered a reputation for being the leader in developing skilled, smart athletes. We offer players more training hours to perfect their skills and grow their game; access to professional, experienced coaches who have proven themselves both as students and teachers of the game; True teams gain exclusive entry into some of the top tournaments in the country, where they will get to put their skills to the test against other competitive teams; finally, True Lacrosse provides thorough recruiting guidance to help players whose goal it is to compete at the next level find the school and program that best fits their academic and athletic needs.

Additionally, when you join the True Family, you become part of a supportive network of coaches, parents, and young athletes who work together to create a positive, educational environment in which players can fulfill their potential and become their best selves. The lessons and skills they learn on the field will serve them throughout their daily lives; lessons such as teamwork, accountability, leadership, and hard work.

We welcome players from graduating classes 2022-2032 to tryout for the 2020-2021 season with True Lacrosse Minnesota.