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Program Overview

With Boys Box Lacrosse being such a hit and taking off in Minnesota, we want to provide the same opportunity for girls. We believe that Girls Box Lacrosse is a fun and competitive environment for girls to hone in on their skills as well as learn new ones.

Why Girls Box Lacrosse?

Box Lacrosse creates the ultimate environment for taking players games to the next level. Through the tight space and confines, players will get more touches, shot reps, dodges, and develop more sound defensive technique. Players will learn how to set proper picks and roll quickly, instead of popping out high as many players naturally do. Players will learn how to fake using subtle but deceptive moves that will beat most goalies. Defensively, players will learn sounds defensive technique on ball, off-ball and in the 2-man game.


“Box lacrosse is an extremely valuable background for a young player. We need to incorporate more of the indoor skills in to the field game. It is almost a requirement to have a top player with indoor experience on your roster right now.” – Former University of Virginia Head Coach Dom Starsia

“If I had my choice, I would have every player under the age of 12 play box lacrosse exclusively or at least a majority of the time. The number of touches of the ball and the ability to develop better stick skills in a game of box lacrosse far surpasses what happens on a field.  Learning how to pass and catch in traffic, understanding how to shoot and developing a sense of physicality are all positive traits developed by the box game.” – University of Denver Head Coach Bill Tierney

Skills & Techniques

Box lacrosse skills and techniques that will be taught include:

  • Finishing
  • Faking
  • Catching in traffic
  • Deceptive shooting
  • Feeding
  • Dodging in tight confines
  • Cutting
  • Cycling
  • Picking & Screens
  • The 2-Man Game
  • Power Play
  • How to defend against all these scenarios

Play like a girl: USBOXLA members adding female box lacrosse in 2017

“I definitely hope more females start to play box lacrosse. It’s an amazing sport that US girls just don’t know about yet, but I think as it grows the more interest it will gain with both genders. I hope that someday girls will have their own teams competing at Nationals and they can get opportunities similar to the ones I’ve had.” - Kahleen McConnell

Differences Between Box & Regular Indoor Lacrosse

  • 5 v 5 Set Up
    • This allows high intensity play with quicker passing, decision making and scoring opportunities…plus GREAT conditioning.
  • 30 Second Shot Clock
    • Teaches girls how to use more effective off ball transitions to move the ball (setting picks and using passes more than running the ball).
  • Smaller Cages
    • The goals are half the size of a traditional goal which forces the girls to move the goalies and use better shot placement.
  • Larger Goalie Pads
    • Equipment will be provided to goalies. It forces the girls to move the goalies for more accurate shots. When they go back to traditional size cages, they will be amazed at how their shot percentage increases.
  • Stick Work
    • Due to a smaller field, we show the girls multiple new techniques on how to handle their stick (dodges, switching hands, behind the backs (seriously!) and quicker catch and releases).

What Equipment Is Needed?

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder/chest protector
  • Rib protector
  • Elbow pads
  • Boy’s Lacrosse Stick


Box Lacrosse gear can be purchased at the USBOXLA team store.

Box Lacrosse Rule Book

Girls Box Lacrosse Rules are the same as the Boys. Here is a ink to the rules.

Cost & What's Included

Player cost for the program is $300


  • Custom box jersey and shorts with name on the back
  • 6 practices before tournament
  • Tournament fee turf time and coaching  
  • Tournament will be chaperoned by Madii Maas and Coach Crandall.

Schedule & Tournament Information

Schedule and tournament details coming soon, along with a registration link...