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“Who you play for in high school has gotten to be not so important. It is what travel team you’re on. You don’t have to be from Long Island or Baltimore to be good anymore.” -Coach Glenn Thiel, Head Coach Penn State Men’s Lacrosse 

"The key to the recruiting game is getting connected to people with connections. Jake and LC are linked to an unbelievable amount of coaches." -Tim Roche, Head Coach at Eastview H.S.


"In looking for a travel lacrosse program for our son, we wanted a program that saw our son as more than just a lacrosse player. We wanted a program with coaches who looked beyond the player to the person so that they could take that knowledge, couple it with their own expertise and skill and push our son to be the best lacrosse player and the best person he could be. Balancing the development of the team with the development of the individual, Matt and LC recognize that building a successful team is not centered around showcasing a single 'star' on the team but centered around developing ALL the players on the team, thus creating a true ALL star team. We appreciate the consistency in expert coaching staff and the year round committment to development, both of which lend themselves to building a team who truly knows each other and is well prepared for the upcoming summer tournament season. Through their dedication to the individual as well as the team, True Lacrosse MN has brought our son's game to the next level and has brought lacrosse in Minnesota to the next level."

-2016 Parent

"The expertise at True Lacrosse is unparralleled. Whether you're an athlete serious about getting recruited like myself or just a guy trying to grow the game, True brings us all together and allows us to enjoy the game we love. True is the future of Minnesota Lacrosse."

-U17 Player

Check out this video about what it means to be True by interviewing True Lacrosse All-Stars, Coaches and Parents. Three questions were answered: What it takes to be True, the best part about being True and what it is that separates True Lacrosse from all other programs.